29 October 2011

A new Pinterest board: Another Time, Another Place

Yesterday I had a BBC day with one of my best friends. And if anyone knows me, they know 1) I love history! 2) I love period films 3) I've always said that I was born in the wrong era. Although life back then (i.e. 18th/19th centuries) lacked the modern day conveniences I don't think I could live without, I yearn for the simplicity...

So I started a new Pinterest board about all those images that make me wish for those times. Another Time, Another Place.

25 October 2011

The Crazy Ones

How is history made? How do we teach history? Who do we teach our students about? Do we teach about the small town boy who went to university, graduated in business, and died the CEO of his father's advertising business? Unfortunately for that small town boy, no. Do we teach about adopted sons who dropped out of college, invented something in his friends garage, was fired from his own company, created art, and died one of the most influential people of the 20th/21st centuries? Yes.

If I could teach one thing to my students it will be to be extraordinary. Go against the grain. Forget about those who shun you and call you names. They don't understand brilliance when they see it. Change the world. Do something we least expect.

This advice seems so simple, yet so hard when the world is against you. Teachers, parents, community: tell the children about the crazy ones who changed the world, and maybe one will be born.

In honor of one of the crazy ones:

21 October 2011

Vintage inspired weddings

Weddings have always been a special event in the past and continues to be a time where families are united and share in the blessed joining of two people. Now we must be honest, there were many unions that came from necessity, and love had to come later. But there were also weddings that came from love and happiness. Weddings were also social events. A time when people could dress their finest and come build connections, hoping a new courtship or business endeavor would arise. It also gave a chance for the bride and grooms families to show their community what they were made of: their social standing and financial stability.

Of course in these humble economic times, we just have to rely on love and the bond between family and friends. But I don't think I could complain. There are times when I wish I could have lived a hundred years ago (or two), but I wouldn't trade my love in 2011 for the world!

So as I am now planning a wedding and we all know how obsessed I am with history, it is so convenient that vintage chic is very 'in!' However, I don't want rustic vintage or vintage glam: I want classic romantic vintage. Almost like something right out of the 1930s. When I first started planning I was calling it "Gatsby," but my fiancé has since poo-pooed the ideology of a Gatsby wedding, and I am more focused on the details and giving a modern wedding 1930's inspiration.
Here is a picture which I feel is an accurate portrayal of the feel of our wedding:
Classic Romance. That is the best term I have come up with to describe what we are going for with our nuptials.

We are even using my 1930 era typewriter for the guestbook.
Needless to say, we have found love in each other and are celebrating the history of love and marriage in our wedding.

*See more inspired ideas on my pinterest.
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