11 December 2011

Day 12 of Christmas Nightlight Readings: Once in the Year

Elizabeth Yates, a celebrated Newbery Award winning author, wrote this little Christmas novel, which I have in my collection of "A Newbery Christmas." A story centered around the legend of Christmas Eve when the animals speak. Peter, a little boy who lives on a farm, decides to sleep out in the barn on Christmas Eve to see if the animals do talk. At midnight he suddenly realizes that the animals pick up a conversation in telling the story of the Nativity.

We are all familiar with the story of Jesus' birth: born humbly in a manger. At the time of His birth, the animals—in praise unto God—began to speak of the miracle. This legend, which is quite prolific in the Scandinavian countries, still brings children out of their warm beds at midnight on Christmas to see if they can hear the animals speak.

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