02 December 2013

Third Annual 25 Days of Nightlight Readings


As arctic air moves into the Pacific Northwest, my husband and I find ourselves snuggling up by the fire and relaying stories of Christmases of ol'. Despite our busy and competing schedules, it is important for us to pause and recall why this time of year is our favorite time of year. It is full of wonder, merriment, family, reminiscence, faith, love, and hope. 

This year has been especially a struggle for us: complete with life changes, health problems, financial difficulties, and the most heart wrenching, the unexpected loss of my dear uncle. The King of the Cousins.

As a fellow lover of the English word, history, the festivities of the season, and the Lord, I dedicate this year's 25 Days of Nightlight Readings in honor of Uncle Mike. May these readings warm the hearts of all men and women this holiday, and inspire someone to take pause during the hustle and bustle and remember the true reason for the season.

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