30 October 2009

Outlander: The Movie II

Australian actress, Abbie Cornish, as seen in 2009 UK film Bright Star.

Casting Claire Randall Fraser

Now, Claire Randall is a more tricky character to cast, as I have found many actresses that look the part. So it will come down to this: can they play the part?

Claire Randall is one of those heroines that recall me back to my beloved Scarlett O’Hara. She is strong-willed, opinionated, forthright, stubborn, witty, and when it comes down to it, would kill or sacrifice herself for those she loves (although she isn’t nearly as selfish as Scarlett). She is a person whom one could only hope to emulate.

Abbie Cornish has played many roles, none of which completely emphasis her acting ability—in my opinion. She played Candy in Candy, which co-starred Heath Ledger in 2006. Unfortunately, I have yet to seen this movie—even though Heath is in it—but will probably see it at some point because Heath is in it! She also played a small role as Bess Throckmorton in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, which I have seen, but cannot recall Cornish’s acting. Although, she looks the part in the new film, Bright Star, I cannot suggest her due to my lack of knowledge in her acting ability.

BBC actress, Ruth Wilson, on the other hand,

stands out vividly in my mind with her role as
Jane Eyre, in the 2006 PBS production of Jane

Eyre. With a striking face that can be
considered either severe or beautiful, I believe
this English rose will easily be able to pull off
the huge role of Claire Randall Fraser. In my
opinion, and in the opinion of a devout Jane
Austen and Charlotte Bronte reader and film
fan, Ruth Wilson played the best Jane Eyre
out of the several other film adaptations (even
compared to the Timothy Dalton version).
She is well known in the BBC world and has
been quite successful in her acting career.

I suppose, talent does pay off!

Whomever takes on the role of Claire Randall Fraser has big shoes to fill. Most likely the role will be given to some little known actress or well-known stage actress, just as Vivien Leigh was casted as Scarlett O’Hara. Vivien Leigh will be forever known as Scarlett O’Hara, so too will be the actress casted as Claire Fraser.

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