30 October 2009

Outlander: The Movie I

Casting James Alexander Malcolm Fraser

There have been many blogs and YouTube videos concerning the casting of the potential Outlander movie in 2011. When it comes to casting the main characters, which have been written with such unique detail—its hard to compare them to some known/unknown actor.

The young, over six foot, blazing red hair, wide-mouthed, deep blue eyed Jamie Fraser, seems to be the most difficult one to cast, and therefore, the one I’ll attempt to cast first. Who knows of a towering, red-haired Scot? Though, I’m sure there are many red headed Scots, the height criteria seems somewhat more difficult to cast. Luckily, the movie screen can easily make someone bigger than life and with some professional hair product, so can someone become red-headed.

So far, it seems that Gerard Butler overwhelmingly takes the casting choice; however, as many fans have pointed out, Butler is getting up there in years and by the time it is 2011, he may no longer look the part of the young, 23 year-old Fraser. There have also been suggestions of David Wenham (seen in Lord of the Rings), but he too isn’t as young as he once was and doesn’t quite fit the bill.

There is one dashing figure, I would consider and have rather become quite attached to as a Jamie Fraser, and that is UK actor, Jamie Thomas King. In the hit Showtime drama, The Tudors, King played the poet and accused lover of Anne Boleyn, Thomas Wyatt. A devastatingly dramatic, and genuinely handsome character, King’s acting ability was showcased exceptionally well. Although there have been few other TV shows or films to display his range of acting, Jamie Thomas King—in my mind’s eye—would make an exceptional Jamie Fraser.

The casting of Jamie Fraser is a tough one to pin down, and there are many opinions on who would be the best choice; yet there are still even more opinions on who should be cast as Claire Randall (Fraser), which I will explore in a later entry.


  1. The Outlander movie is real action movie and it is full of thriller scenes.This is great review for great movie.i like this Blog.if you want to see this movie.You can Download Action Movies from here.

  2. Abrane, I think you have the wrong Outlander movie in mind. I was referring to a movie set to come out in 2011 based on Diane Gabaldon's Outlander series.

  3. I think Joseph Fiennes would make a great jamie

  4. What about Kevin Durand..I have never seen him in a main roll but his look is what drew me to him when I was thinking that I wanted to see the Outlander movie..I started casting in my head as if I was doing the movie.

  5. Okay so I am a bit passionate about this movie...I found someone who may look the part enough. Its a WWE wrestler goes by Seamus. His real name is Stephen Farrelly. He is Irish not a Scot. He is 6'6" and has the fire read hair and facial hair that naturally comes in the right color. I have never heard him. I have just been looking for the face. I would really like to help out in any way possible. Honestly. I am currently unemployed and have thoroughly enjoyed all the books (I am savoring the last book currently). My husband let me use his email to let you know of possibilities.

  6. Too bad Prince Harry isn't an actor!


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