12 September 2010

The American Film Company

The American Film Company is a rather new film company whose goal is to make historically accurate and entertaining films of events in America's history. I'm always on the search for period films, but I'm often disappointed in their inaccuracy, and instead of enjoying the acting, cinematography, and overall entertainment, I am sitting there nit-picking every historical fact and instance. I'm overjoyed to learn of this new film company and everything they are doing to bring out historically accurate films that are both full of fact, but entertaining as well!

Currently there is a film, "The Conspirator," that is being film, which is about the conspiracy of the Abraham Lincoln assassination. The film focuses on the accusation Mary Surratt in the conspiracy to murder the president and the young Union war hero who represents her in the military tribunal. The film is directed by Robert Redford, and stars James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Kevin Kline, Evan Rachel Wood, and Tom Wilkinson. There is no release day set on the website, but The Internet Movie Database has the date set for this year. However, I suspect it will be released in 2011.

Other films that are in production are "The Arsenal," which is about John Brown and the his band raiding the Harper's Ferry arsenal; and "Midnight Ride," which is about story of Paul Revere and his midnight ride and the start of the American Revolution.

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