30 November 2011

First Annual 25 Days of Christmas Nightlight Readings

I thought it would be high time to start a very blogger tradition! And as we're always bombarded with Christmas movies and specials, I thought it best to go back to where our Christmas movie watching dedication came from (before Bing graced us with "White Christmas" or before the Hallmark Channel took over the made-for-TV Holiday Guide). Before television, the Winter nights were long, dark, and cold—the best way to have family time and make those Winter nights not seem so long, was to gather before the fire and listen to classic stories of cheer and goodwill.

Beginning today (I will not post on Christmas day), I will post those classic stories that we have all heard and loved, seen renditions of, or those simply lost in the hustle and bustle of Holiday's past. These are stories for all ages, which can be read alone, snuggled under your warm comforter, at the bedside of a child, or before a blazing fire for all to hear.

Enjoy! And may your hearth be graced with a Nightlight Reading or two.


  1. I was planning on doing something similar starting tomorrow! How funny! Not really stories, but rather memories of previous years and events. Should make for some good blog reading on both ends!

  2. You should most definitely do this! So fun! And gives us something to read on those cold, winter nights :)


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