14 November 2011

Protests in the Past & Present

As we are all aware of the Occupy movement, I thought I would use this post as some seed for thought. In no way do I want this post to be a podium for my opinion or others. I just want to provoke some pondering...

My best friend and fellow blogger Golden Moments posted this link to this video:

The protests of the Great Depression are mentioned in this video. But I want to point out how different the Occupy movement is compared to the protests of the 1930s. As seen in this video are clips for these latter protests. It's a different breed. No need to say history repeats itself. America is continually revolving the Occupy demonstrations are for the most part peaceable comparatively, but from the foundation of America the right to protest and demonstrate are simply just part of our history. We may not all agree with the methods, but it is inherently part of being American.

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